Vanguard Learning Trust


In addition to the Main Board of Trustees, there are three committees, whose role it is to oversee the overall strategic direction of the Trust.  Key roles are as follows

 The Chair of the Board of Directors: Mr Peter Davies

The Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors: Mrs Pam Nash

The Chair of the Trust’s Finance and Resources Committee : Mr Alan Hague

 The Chair of the Trust’s Audit and Compliance Committee:   Mr Andy Sykes

The Chair of the Trust's Strategy Committee - Mr Eddie Lavery

 The Chair of the Trust’s Curriculum and Standards Committee:  Mr Kim Rowe

Any of the Trustees may be contacted directly by writing to them c/o the registered company address (Vyners School, Warren Road, Ickenham, UB10 8AB). 

Our Executive Headteacher and Accounting Officer is Dr Martina Lecky.

Role of Local Governing Bodies

Each school within the Trust continues to have a Local Governing Body, whose role it is to work in close partnership with the local Headteacher, staff, parents, students and wider stakeholder community to develop a positive, successful, creative and supportive learning environment for the specific group of students at each school.

The main duties of each Local Governing Body's main duties is to:

  • Set the strategic direction, policies and objectives of the school
  • Set appropriate targets for student achievement at each Key Stage
  • Approve the school's budget and development plans
  • Review progress against the school's budget and objectives
  • Challenge and support the Headteacher

Further details about the work and membership of each Local Governing Body can be found on individual school websites.


Key documents may be accessed by clicking below: