Vanguard Learning Trust

Three local schools celebrate the growth of Vanguard Learning Trust.

To celebrate the launch of Vanguard Learning Trust (an expanding group of local primary and secondary schools in Hillingdon), the Headteachers have organised a Trust-wide event.  Each school will send its logo into space on a high-altitude weather balloon; this will be equipped with an on-board camera and radio transmitter so that students in all three schools can watch the launch in real time and track its progress.

Over the next week weeks, nearly 3000 students, whose ages range from 4-18 years, will prepare for the balloon launch.  Ryefield Primary School students are especially excited as they have been tasked with decorating the balloon with a message.  Colin Tucker, Headteacher at Ryefield Primary School says 'The children are particularly excited at the thought of sending a message into space; many children are hoping that they might received a message back from the stars!'.

Three schools form Vanguard Learning Trust:  Ruislip High School, Ryefield Primary School and Vyners Secondary School.  The Trust aims to meet the needs of its local community by instilling the values of life-long learning; valuing each school; being proud of students' efforts; demonstrating respect and responsibility; and showing tolerance and humility.  Executive Headteacher, Dr Martina Lecky, says 'This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the partnership of three local schools.  Each school has its own distinct character, but they all share the same mission:  to reach for the sky and allow our students to shine, both in and out of the classroom.'